Medical Consultations

Sometimes your pet’s behaviour/actions can tell us they are not feeling well, but other times your pet can hide disease really well. This is why annual examinations and bloodwork is so helpful. Many medical conditions can be found and treated easily with regular veterinary visits and bloodwork. At Avonlea Animal hospital we believe that your pet deserves the most comprehensive and complete treatment of any medical condition found. Our medical consultations are designed to guide you and your pet through every step of diagnostics and treatment of the condition. If your pet is diagnosed with a medical condition you can expect a thorough explanation of the disease process, further diagnostics, and management. Regular recheck appointments will be necessary to properly manage the condition.

Medical consultations performed at Avonlea Animal Hospital include:

Endocrine Disorders:

  • Conditions involving hormones Ex: Diabetes, hyper/hypothyroidism, Addison’s, Cushings etc.
  • Regular recheck exams and bloodwork will be necessary to properly manage medications/treatment
  • You may be expected to do regular monitoring at home i.e glucose curves at home


  • We treat many conditions involving the skeletal system. Ex: Bone fractures, medial luxating patellas, cranial cruciate ligament ruptures etc.
  • You can expect a full orthopedic exam including gait analysis. Radiographs and surgery may be indicated as needed
  • We will guide you through postoperative care and you may be expected to do stretching and rehabilitation therapy at home with your pet
  • If a specialized surgery is necessary we will provide a referral to an appropriate surgeon.


  • This includes anything involving the skin! Ex: Ear infections, allergic dermatitis (food/environmental), fleas, endocrine disorders etc.
  • During your pet’s exam, skin/ear swabs, scrapings or cultures may be performed to look for specific bacteria, parasites or fungi.
  • You can expect to receive detailed recommendations for food, medications, shampoos and other skin care products that may be needed to get your pet feeling better!
  • Recheck appointments are crucial to monitor progress and of the dermatological problem.
  • Our veterinarians are here to help you along the often long and sometimes frustrating course of therapy.


  • We treat many eye conditions including: Eye infections, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, cataracts, entropian and ectropian eyelid disorders.
  • During your consultation a flurescein stain, tear production test, retinal exam and eye pressures may be performed to properly asses your pet’s eyes.
  • You can expect eye medication and regular follow ups to ensure proper management of the condition.
  • If referral to a specialized ophthalmologist is needed we will direct you through the whole process.


  • Many conditions can affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves) Ex: Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), infections, vestibular disease etc
  • During your consultation you can expect a thorough neurologic exam to assess the central and peripheral nervous system.
  • Radiographs may be required to help with diagnosis.
  • Many neurological conditions can be managed at home but some may require a specialized neurology consult for an MRI and/or surgery.  Our doctors will guide you through the explanation of the disease process as well as steps for referral to a neurologist if necessary.


  • Many conditions can affect the heart. Ex: Congenital heart defects, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure etc.
  • Regular heart auscultation is important for early detection some heart conditions
  • Radiographs may be taken to assess the heart and lungs which can help to guide the veterinarian in choosing the right medications to improve the symptoms of heart disease.
  • Referral to a veterinary cardiologist and heart ultrasound is commonly needed for the assessment of many heart conditions.
  • We will explain everything in detail and guide you through treatment as necessary.

Weight management:

  • Weight is such an important factor in your pet’s life
  • During your consult your pet will receive a complete nutritional and exercise assessment including Body Condition Scoring, Resting Energy Requirements and weight loss goals.
  • We will work together with you to come up with a manageable weight loss plan including: food recommendations, feeding guidelines and exercise plans.
  • You may be expected to weigh your pet at home or in the clinic for monthly weight checks to assess progress and adjust the plan as needed.

Throughout the whole process of diagnosis and treatment we are here to help YOU and YOUR PET. You are always welcome to call and talk with us if you have any questions/concerns during the treatment of any medical condition.