Prior to all surgical procedures the patient will have a physical examination and blood work to assess for any problems that need to be addressed prior to surgery or at the time of surgery. During the pre-surgical examination you will be provided with a surgical plan so that you are aware of what procedures will be performed during your pets stay in the hospital.

Most surgical patients will receive an intramuscular sedation to help with relaxation then they will be given an intravenous injection to allow for endotracheal intubation for the delivery of gaseous anesthetic and oxygen. Many of these medications will cause reduced blood-pressure, reduce body temperature and respiratory depression. In an effort to combat the negative effects of the aforementioned conditions all surgical patients are given warmed intravenous fluids during surgery, and their heart and respiratory rhythm and rate are monitored during surgery so that anesthetic changes are implemented as necessary.

Avonlea Animal Hospital Surgery Room

Avonlea Animal Hospital Surgery Room

During the post-operative period all surgical patients continue to have intravenous fluid therapy and are monitored for pain medication requirements. All but a very select few patients are discharged on the same day as surgery.

Elective Surgery

Elective surgery refers to preventative surgery performed on a healthy patient. Surgeries would include neuter (castration), spay (ovariohysterectomy), umbilical hernia repair, declaw, tail dock and dewclaw removal.

Soft Tissue Surgery

All of our veterinarians are very experienced at performing soft tissue surgery including removal of skin lumps, and several different procedures involving the intestines and stomach. More complex soft tissue surgeries are also performed by specific doctors on request. This would include splenic, urethral and liver surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Rosely is specially trained and certified to perform several orthopedic surgeries including anterior cruciate ligament stabilization, patella luxation surgery, femoral head and neck excision arthroplasty and amputation.

Ophthalmic Surgery

Several of our doctors are available to perform surgery of the eye and the structures around the eye. Surgeries include cherry eye fixation, entropian and ectropian correction, keratectomy of the cornea, and enucleation of the eye.

Urogenital Surgery

All of our doctors are available to perform surgery of the urinary bladder (bladder stone removal), penis and vulva. Dr. Rosely is specially trained and certified to perform perineal urethrostomy surgery which is a lifesaving surgery performed on urinary obstructed patients.